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Hands on training with Marvin Furrow. Two day training in our office with a real client.

After completing the training course FULL will be accessible to help you succeed with your hair micro pigmentation business.

Marvin Furrow's Training Background, Awards, Accolades

  • FULL Micropigmentation Master Certified SMP Techinician
  • FULL Micropigmentation Master Trainer
  • Trained and apprenticed with the originators of Scalp Micropigmentation technology shortly after it was first developed in the United Kingdom.
  • Trained and apprenticed with HIS Hair Institute as well as Scalp Aesthetics.
  • Has personally trained over 50 upcoming SMP technicians around the U.S.
  • Has completed hundreds of SMP Procedures and has perfected the art of SMP.
  • Has performed SMP on many well known celebrities and athletes in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This list includes A-list actors, NFL/NBA players, grammy award winning music artists, and some of the top comedians and performers on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Considered to be one of the most well-respected SMP Artists in the world.
  • Marvin has used all of his previous years of training, working, and perfecting SMP to create the most educational and useful Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program available in the world today.

Here's What You'll Learn

Equipment Setup

Learning how to set up your equipment properly is important to the overall success of every job to be done.

Ink Levels

You will learn to mix your ink levels to match the shade of each client's native hair follicles.

Depth Perception

You will learn depth perception touch on synthetic skins and melon.

Creating Hairlines

There is no one correct hairline, but rather a correct hairline for each individual. You will master this skill.

Structuring Passes

You will learn how to setup the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pass for a complete job that will leave your clients ecstatic!

Pre & Post Care

Performing micropigmentation on skin requires proper pre and post care. You will learn how provide these important steps.

We will even teach you how to market your business!

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